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What's a good thing to carve stuff out of? Answered

I was thinking something with the consistency of linoleum, but i can't find any linoleum cubes or something similar. Anyone know something similar to linoleum that i can carve stuff out of?


It's in the category of wood, but balsa wood is probably best for what you are looking for. It's fairly soft, so you can carve it. If that is too soft though, you can try basswood.

If you're wanting to practice 3d carving, try a bar of cheap, hard soap - you can carve it easily with a small blade or even a nail.

If you're wanting to try printing, what about an old mouse mat?

Wood...it's dirt cheap (in fact- it can be free) and you can carve it with just any knife (that's sharp).  Wood carving kits are also cheap.

Are you trying to crave linoleum to make block prints?  I don't think I have seen it in cube form other than tiles you find for flooring.  I guess if you just want to try carving 3-D objects, maybe use some hard candle wax, wood, or some soft stone - I don't think you can get any remnant chips of composite countertop material as the tradesmen control that.  You would then have to gear up with the proper tools to work that.  Maybe get a block of acrylic if you have a plastic supplier place or cut up a cutting board made of that material.  Good luck.

> crave linoleum
.  I've heard of some strange picas, but that one takes the cake.

I don't carve very much, but when I do, I use soap.
Just a regular soap bar.