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Which ammo is best for a slingshot? Answered

Connector amoo e.g. Grey-orange or a rod like a blue rod. Which one would go further?



Best Answer 5 years ago

Well, ultimately finned rods works best, but I assume you're not going to go taping your rods. So for slingshots, weightier ammo works best. It's also better, if possible, to have most of the weight in the front of the bullet. You can make either type work.

Sounds like it's time for science! Just test the sling shot with each type of ammo, maybe try some other types you weren't thinking of initially. Shoot each type a few times and record the distance. Take an average and then use the ammo that has the highest average. You could also do an accuracy test, average distance from a fixed target, and then pick the ammo that gives you the best combination of distance and accuracy.

slingshots prefer spherical ammo - marbles, bb's, or 'shot' - the denser the material the better, as this allows more momentum for less surface area.

If it's a knex gun then its a matter of 'mass to frontal area'.