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ball mill media help! Answered

i made a ball mill today. and i made some lead balls out of solder,but the solder contains flux. and i know that acids are not good to have in a ball mill because it can spontaneously ignite. so i was wondering if i could neutralize the acid with backing soda? or does it not matter that its there?


so, you have a rpoblem aquiring some grinding media, might i ask what sort of barrel you are using?, if its a pvc pipe, which il asume it is as they do tend to look like pipe bombs when used in a ball mill.
if you can fishing sinkers, and you dont want to use solder, i would recoment using some spair , smooth, lumps of metal you have lying around, drillbits will do nicely, but still, i would recomend buying some steel ball bearings off of ebay, from china, as they come quite cheap. if you still are to young though to get acess to a credit card, to link to paypal, i would recomend buying a visa debit card, from your lcal post office, then using that with paypal to buy stuff on ebay.

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hey kruser, havnt seen u around for a while Solder is only 40% lead, just so you know. The rosin in the solder only acts as an acid when it's heated, otherwise it doesn't do anything, that's why it's used for electronics, as it won't corrode copper like acid when you are finished soldering

I don't think that the minuscule amounts of flux on the solder is going to spontaneously ignite. If you're really paranoid, simply dip the solder in warm soapy water and rinse afterwords.