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how do you make a stop motion film with a dsi? Answered

It's not the stuff i'm taking pictures with that i need help with, i was wondering if there was any program that would play pictures fast, or that basically i can use for a stop motion  lego movie.


i dont really know how a dsi works, but you can tape your dsi on a table or the ground (from where you are going to make the frames.)
then make the pictures, and upload them onto your computer.
(if you can do that, i don't know)
for the stopmotion program, i use StopIt, just search on google and you will find a free legit download.
its really easy to use.

hope this works!

thanks for choosing my answer as the best answer!

There is a dsi ware app (free) called hatena flipnote.

Any video editing program should work, including Windows Movie Maker that comes free on most Windows operated computers.