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how do you remove a profile form instructbles? Answered

i am geting out of school and i have no computer.




Best Answer 8 years ago

Send your death certificate to Instructables HQ.


why would u evn want 2 leave our happy little group of intelligent little computer geeks?? :( im disappointed...

Just leave it "live".

You may not have easy access right now, but situations change, and there are ways and means, and in the interim (UK libraries give members free access).

Imagine, you are round at a friend's house, or in a future job.  They have a problem with a project.  You can simply say; switch on your computer, give me a second, I know just where to find the information we need.


Instant kudos with your friend, increased promotion prospects with your employer.

You can just leave it.  It won't do anything and if there is no activity after a year or so they might delete it.

Or you can email this guy and ask him to delete your account and it will probably get deleted in the next day or two.