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how to shut down security camera Answered

i live and work in china, how can i shut down the video security system-hardwired, in my apartment block without being recorded


If you want disable
any camera wired or wireless, it is enough to take several infrared
lasers (can be purchased on an ebay) and direct them into the camera
lens, then the camera is helpless and can not see anything. Of course, you must take care to do everything by law.


overload it's light sensors such as suggested with the IR LEDS on your head or you could get a laser ( a powerful one , not the 25 cent kind) to overload it's detectors

Please help. I have been trying to protect my home for years (1994) and they keep breaking into my home and stealing. I put 6,000 on a credit card in cameras and VCR's . They torn up all of them, (burned UP) ? They stole the tapes out of the VCR's. They are still doing all of this. last month I put in three cameras. I'm single and retired. I went to KC to visit Mother in her 80's. I asked my daughter to look on her computer at my cameras. She said Sat. they was down a lot. On monday, I was coming back home three hour drive. I look at my daughters computer and no cameras. she said I could look when I got home. The was no cameras activity from 4am to 12:30 PM when I got home. Did not even show me driving in the drive way. About 20 minutes after I got home I had cameras. and They are still working now that I am home? I need help to get them caught! My neighbor next to me move in here in 1994 and that is when my problems started. He is retired from the services as a high officer in securities. A friend said he was braging on disarming cameras for a living. How do I protect my Home? Please let me know. Thank you, LW

Just tape a piece of paper over it. Then you can't get in trouble for it.

There's really nothing you can do. You're going up against the government here. Chances are you'd get caught, eventually.

Why do you want it shut down? If it's not a camera that is a direct privacy violation (ie. in your apartment or can see into your apartment) then it's probably not a good idea to disable it, since it's most likely there for security reasons. But, on the other hand, you do live in China so it may be nefarious in its purpose. You will most likely not be able to disable it by accessing the security network it runs on, unless of course you posses those skills. Best course of action: Wait till night time, put on a mask and wear no-descript clothing and spray paint over the lens, or bash it with a blunt object. The choice is yours. Hope this helps you in your pursuit of privacy/vandalism. Good Luck.

I'm a single woman that is trying to protect my home and can't. I have a neighbor that has been stealing from me since 1994 and is still doing it. He was a officer in securities and his job was to disarm cameras. Can he disarm them by accessing the security network it runs on? I put three new cameras in (june 2009) and went to visit my Mother in her 80's and My cameras was shut down and not working. When I came back home, they are now working again? I can not rerun them. I put in the date of Sunday and Monday. At 4:30 am till 12:30 on Monday their is no camera activity on any of the three cameras.

You can also mount an array if IR leds to your head. This will have the same effect of shining a bright light into the camera, but no humans can see the IR light. Another thing that will work just as well as paint is duct tape.

Oh yeah. Forgot about that, but it would only work at night.

Rather than shut it down, slowly subvert its efficiency. At infrequent and irregular intervals, lightly mist the front of the camera wih sugar or salt solution. This will slowly build up on the lens, making the image more and more blurred. Whereas a sudden failure of a camera could trigger a visit by the authorities (or at least, by a man with a toolbox), a gradual degradation of the image might go unnoticed for quite some time, dismissed as merely dirty. You would have to keep a check on the camera to see if somebody has been sent out to clean the lens.