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how we make a flying car? Answered

i want to make a flying car .which is don,t powered by fule like petrol or diesel .i want to powered it by gases fule.and it must be able to substense my load .



It has been done. I don't have a link handy, but a couple guys developed a car that I think runs on propane and has a parasail for a wing. The car looks more like a dune buggy than a normal car, but it is a car and it flies, so good luck.

Maverick Sport http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-OeOQ2ZxTcg

Hmm... Flubber comes to mind... ;)

Yeah use flubber. I loved that movie.

and it must be able to substense my load
That is ambiguous.



6 years ago

If it could fly then it wouldn't be a car anymore, it would be an aircraft. Its like saying you want to make a 4 wheel motorcycle. Once you add the extra wheels its not a motorcycle anymore. An aircraft flies, a car moves on the ground. So, by definition there will never be a flying car because once it flies its not a car anymore.

Cars have many things working against them which is why you don't see many flying cars. For 1 a car weighs too much and another they are not very aerodynamic. There are some "flying cars" out there but they don't look much like a car. They are more like a very small plane that has been made street legal. Its hard enough to design a craft that can both drive like a car and be flown as a plane. But to throw in the added difficulty of using an alternate fuel source makes things very difficult. Even if you get past all of those hurdles you then need to get the thing certified for flying. Judging by your grammar i'll venture to guess you don't live in the US. But i'm sure each country has there own agency similar to the FAA in the US that makes the rules for things that fly. You will have to pass that agencies guidelines and get the vehicle certified for flying. Otherwise if you try to fly it you will face all sorts of problems with your government.

A car and and airplane have such different purposes and physics that for one to try to be both and airplane and a car means that it will do neither well.

Not possible without spending $10,000,000's