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iOS App Answered

I don know about everybody else but i strongly beleive that Instructables should creat an app for the iOS platform. I have been on instructables for a couple years now and love it, but i cant always access it because of blocks on my schools wifi. I would even purchase an app if instructables made it. I know others would too.



and now theres an app. SO happy

School isn't for playing on the internet: do that at home.


True about the school thing however an app would be nice. Heres an idea a webview loads a url (www.instructables.com) automatically however uses a script (does Xcode support Apple Script?) that rearranges the layout of the site depending on what type of page is being accessed. The one problem I foresee is that ios does not support flash so either the instructables web junkies (the ones who keep the sight running) will have to create a mobile version of the sight that does not use flash or we will have to right something that translates flash into something ios compatible (html5 anyone?) and another script would handle directories allowing you to upload photos. Anyone like the idea?

exactly. i love the idea. and this class is my free time so, i research