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knex gun that uses micro parts? Answered

i need a gun with micro parts im trying to make something like project paws but with micros


Yeah, the rods and connectors don't match the exact system as the bigger k'nex, and i haven't seen any mini k'nex guns on this site, so you could be the first! :D

i will keep trying but it is hard to do cause i have the new micro parts and not all of them match the big ones but i will keep trying


Just build the gun in the instructions with micro pieces and vwola! A micro gun!
It may be smaller but if you make something like the OKP,which, sady, oompa loompa deleted the instructable. =(, would be an ultra spy gun!

Hope this helps!

i already have the tds made of micro parts by K.S.E. so i need more plz