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my new nose ring Answered

my new nose ring u also get to see part of my face ;)


Fun, now just electrocute it and you will have your own instant bloody nose cauterizer :-P

rofl i aint putting any amps thru something that close to my brain

Sorry, but only two things sprang to mind when I saw that photo.

I'd be waiting for you to moo or sneeze it out.

nose ring.jpgWire_Staples_small.jpg

Yay, at least one other person is sane...

Unfortunately I could see a slight bend in the pen in the intro pic... ruined the effect slightly. Would still be a good trick to do with a chicken bone of something though. Pretend it was an accident...

See this pic of a friend's nose-bolt. He did it with a safety-pin years ago. People do ask if it goes through the bone - no it doesn't


(Like Kiteman yours isn't ring-shaped - what is it?)


Be careful, I had a fight with a guy with a nose ring and when I hit him it caught on my sleeve and ripped it right through the bridge in his nose, it wasn't pretty, he was a friend at some point but he slabbered about my dad and so got a beating, we have since spoken and he explained that he had to have sugery, hoever his was a thick ring quite high into his nose...

That's the reasoning on why you see girls taking their earrings and all off before a fight...

And also for airport security. You take off all jewelry before boarding the plane. By the time you're ready to board, you're ready to kill.

Ever since I started fixing my own clothes with wholly innapropriate materials I've ended up walking through the detectors in my boxers, which is not too bad usually but when you've just woken up it's a big issue... It's a case of ready to kill...

My trousers, remember sewing with steel 'ible... Granted always keep a few safety pins in your pockets/wallet, if the button comes off during shenanigans it makes like a lot less annoying...

How do you lose a button during "shenanigans"? She musta been desperate...

Both of us were inebriated and had a whole night of interruptions, need I divulge any more details to satisfy your "curiosity"

Aah, keep it long enough and you will have provided a handy handle for your (future) wife to lead you about by :-)

Ummm....I think we're born with that handle...

Yeah, having your ears pulled is quite unpleasant!

And the master quickly escapes another delicate situation...

Adrian saw.

Adrian mad.

Wowman noman no think kelseyman meant ears originally. What wowman think?

You can't prove that! I wasn't there! Nobody saw me!

Au contraire, I can get 5 expert witnesses within half an hour to testify that they would consider your original post to be innuendo, and that the average person would assume it to be such. Then I'll place 15 school-age children on the stand to confirm that they saw it and drew the same conclusion, and not only did they recognize your OPP as being that, they were irreparably harmed and scarred. Your goin' down. ;-)

"they recognize your OPP" umm... Other People's Property? :)

Hmmm, they would consider your original post to be innuendo

is that innuendo and out the other?

...Boy, talk about innuendo You're goin' down, and in front of school-age children, too! Shame on you, mean lady!

Woo, hoo! How long can we keep the innuendo chain going?

Run away! Run away!

As the minstrel sings again, "Brave, brave Sir Robin..."

...Your nipples burnt off!,
Brave, brave Sir Robin!

.Hey Nach, how bout a bet? methinky Nookman has a day at best...

. meh. Don't worry about it. He'll say something real sciency and she'll forget about all this.

>Reaches through innertubes and throttles kelsey for taking last sentence in naughty way