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paracord problems. Answered

I have had a sick paracord bracelet, and I have one concern..supposedly paracord shrinks when wet. wanting the keep my creation safe I was wandering if there was a why to save it if it gets wet.?



Best Answer 8 years ago

If Paracord shrinks when wet it's because the fibers pull water between the fibers and since it's a woven cord it gets shorter.

If it dries in place it will be tighter. but if you work it some as it's drying then you can pull the fibers back in their original positions and the length should be close to the same size.

It's like how a pair of jeans are tighter just out of the dryer and after an hour of wear you can breath again.

+1. The stuff doesn't actually shrink, it just sort of gets out of shape. Look after it as it dries and it should be o.k.

Out of shape is a good explanation of what happens.