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what should i do with my broken xbox? Answered

my friend gave me his broken xbox, anyone know of any cool projects i can do with a broken xbox besides just using the parts?


Fix it - its usually the PSU, and turn it into a XBMC, X box media centre.


but what about if it rrod'd and youve tried every humanly possible technique to get it to work, but it still red rings? (maybe the GPU or CPU chip is fried?)
what then? ive got this xbox sitting here but its kinda useless since it doesnt work.. and wont ever work.

i was thinking about slamming a pc motherboard in there, but im not sure yet.

(btw this is a 360 elite)

it is an early xbox, not elite. it cannot be fixed so microsoft just sent me a new one.


7 years ago

Sell it on eBay, but don't expect it to increase your rating.

I think it would make a nice doorstop. Or maybe a planter. Do you have any potting soil?

I think this lines up for a pretty good prank on someone...


7 years ago

Definitely try to fix it first. What are the symptoms? What does it do/not do?

i would say rip it apart see what parts you can use and try to build something