Scoochmaroo Challenge: Robot Chef



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This Week: Robot Chef 3-Ingredient Challenge

We really want to give away these prizes, and Microplane has graciously approved a deadline extension!

Challenge now runs April 30 - May 13, 2012.

All projects must be published between these dates.


You are not limited to, but must include the following ingredients:

Citrus Fruit
Fresh Herb


Microplane is offering some sweet prizes for the Scoochmaroo Challenge, so we've decided to up the ante and give you a real competition!  Introducing Robot Chef - where you must use all three ingredients in your dish.  

(Get it? it's like Iron Chef but without the trademark infringement, etc. . .)

Since this is the first time we've done this, we're going to go easy on you and not get too specific as we pit chef against chef to see who can come up with the best dish.  The more entries we get, the better the prizes!  

And if you're as grateful (get it? grate-ful) as I am to Microplane for donating these awesome prizes, be sure to Like the Microplane Facebook page, and link them to your recipes too! 

First Prize

Shellfish Ceviche in Lemon Cups
by jive69

Second Prize

(alphabetical order)

Grilled White Peach Salad
by akulinary
Mariners Mussels
(Clams, Mussles & Angel Hair)

by AllCapps

Third Prize

(alphabetical order)

Margarita Cole Slaw
by annahowardshaw
Simple Scampi
by supersoftdrink
Fennel Salad with
Apples & Oranges

by vaughnago

Forth Prize

(alphabetical order)

Tasty Dahl Soup
by Bindlestiff
Extra Easy Dilled
Lemon Garlic Salt

by chefsea
Pesto with
Macadamia Nuts

by DeandrasCrafts

by mygibzone

Fifth Prize

(alphabetical order)

Honey Cilantro Garlic Cornbread Muffins with Lemon-Lime Cream Cheese Spread
by ATatteredCanvas
Crispy chicken pitas
by desertsniper
Popcorn with Herbed Garlic Butter & Lime dressing
by parkerq
Rosemary and Olive Oil Potatoes
by rrkrose
Oven Roasted Asian Tilapia
by weekofmenus

To Enter:
Complete the challenge as specified above and share a link for a Photo Instructable or Step-By-Step Instructable in the comments below.
Open to United States (including the District of Columbia but excluding Puerto Rico), Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec, Canada), United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, China, The Netherlands.

(1 Winners): Premium Classic Zester/Grater, Herb Mill, Meat Tenderizer, Garlic Mincer, Ultimate Citrus Tool
(2 Winners): Premium Classic Zester/Grater, Garlic Mincer, Ultimate Citrus Tool
(3 Winners): Garlic Mincer, Ultimate Citrus Tool
(4 Winners): Garlic Mincer
(5 Winners): Premium Classic Zester/Grater

1) You MUST post a Photo or Step-By-Step (no Videos, unless used as supporting documentation)
2) All Step-By-Step Instructables MUST have at least 3 steps and full photo documentation. All Photo Instructables MUST have at least 3 photos and a written explanation.
3) There is no limit to the number of Instructables you can post. However, no duplicate entries are allowed.
4) Projects that do not meet the criteria of the challenge will not be permitted to enter.
5) The judges reserve the right to disqualify anyone who cheats or engages in unsportsmanlike conduct.
6) To be clear, the project MUST be published after the challenge has started to be eligible.
(see the official rules here)

All entries must be published and posted in the comments below posted by 11:59pm May 6th, PST.

All entries will be exclusively judged by Scoochmaroo based on successful completion, originality, and overall execution of the Instructable. Winners will be announced on or after May 16th.