Unusual DIY Jewelry

I had no idea about DIY jewelry before joining instructables. But now I think I can make a few. I have seen tons of jewelry projects here, each has its own beauty, however some project are beyond obvious imagination. In this guide I try to collect such projects. Disclaimer: All unusual IMHO. Note: If you wish to be a contributor in this guide, please pm me. I would love to add you.

Loved this idea, created by jessyratfink who is known for her amazing food recipes and I found this one with a surprise :)
Some rare clockwork Idea.
Totally love this
I want to have these.
Think think think....no it is not metal
Think think think...no?? Its color Pencil
Those are scrap made of many types of wood
This is some fine work. Can't believe it is made of coins.
I would like to eat and collect those shells :)
Very very creative
I like it because I could never think of anything like this.
You think it is unusual? :)
Shift a bit more...yess..I got the wifi signla now LOL.
Very unusual
My first ever jewelry project.
I just loved it, so many possibilities.
Honestly... its creepy yet unusual:)
Cute cute cute
Yes its a VHS Tape..
Not eye pleasing yet very creative.
Very cool & unusual
Love the idea
Cool design
This became inspiration for my sunflower lamp.
Super cute
This is something rare & unusual imho.
Very geeky.
Concrete & jewelry, very unusual
Very unusual.
Super cool design
This bracelet is very talented, it can sing a song for you, given the right stage :[)
Thinking beyond the obvious.
Made by me, quite unusual? What do ya think?